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In uncertain times, it pays to be certain!

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Some questions to ask yourself...

Are you ready to lead during a crisis? 

Is your staff prepared to respond and not react?

What is your school's biggest safety vulnerability?  

If you don't know... it is time to find out!


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One spring afternoon, I was sorting out a heavy day of discipline as an assistant principal at a local high school.  I received an emotional phone call from my middle-school daughter who was in the middle of a lockdown at her school- due to a man with a gun on campus.  She was very nervous, hiding under a table.  Her next few words chilled me to the bone, "Dad, the teacher doesn't know what to do and was running around crying, then she left..."



Making command decisions during a crisis is not easy and if you re not ready for it, the results can be devastating! My mission is to educate you on how to minimize the threat and maximize the safety for every student and staff member on your campus.  Serving my country as a United States Marine,  I gained valuable and extensive experience as a team leader in a Special Operations Unit.  I combine that  experience with over 22 years as an educator in at-risk schools and communities as a teacher and principal.

We live in uncertain times and school shootings are on the rise. Therefore, I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence in safeguarding campuses, period.

Andrew Silva

Founder/Chief Executive Officer


The difference between us and other companies is our dynamic problem solving approach and perspective when looking at neutralizing potential threats.  

This method is used by the military and first responders the world over.  When utilized for training you and your team, you will gain key insights that develop a tactical mindset, improve human performance and minimize error factor. 


Tactical Advantage Group was born out of necessity.  Our team has the operational experience unlike any other and we are here to serve you in safeguarding your campus.

 Crisis Leadership, Team Building and Mindset


Tactical Site Security Surveys


Threat Assessment and Mitigation 


Table-Top Exercises


Crisis Response Plans

Trauma Informed Practices for Schools


Post-School Crisis Response



School safety is no longer just fire and earthquake drills. Traditional LOCKDOWN training is out of date and active shooter response training is being carried out in an over zealous manner in many instances.  We will bring you cutting edge training from a tactical mindset in order to minimize threats and maximize the safety on your campus!

Comments from Clients and

"I knew we were going to be safe when I saw him moving toward the crisis while everyone else was running away from it."
J.R., Elementary School Parent

"Mr. Silva knows how to mobilize a team of security personnel to ensure that events are safe and the school is secure at all times. He has garnered the respect of our security team due to his diligence and his vigilance. I can say without hesitation that we all felt that the campus was a safe place to work and learn under his watch."
A.B., High School Principal, 

"He brings unique experience from his military background, truly professional and training unlike we have ever seen!"
K.D., High School Teacher

"He pushed us beyond any training we had  ever experienced and tested us in drills that were far beyond lockdown!"
C.B., High School Campus Security

"The man has a very unique skill set that combines tactical operations and the educational system.  He then used that knowledge to teach staff and build on areas that we needed to improve upon.  
J.K., High School Security Officer II

When we would watch videos of student fights to see what happened, who was involved, etc., he would also be watching how we responded in keeping a safe campus!"
S.C.J., Middle-School Campus Security

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 Contact me today and let's collaborate on finding solutions to your concerns and the challenges you may be having on your campus.

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