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What We Do

In uncertain times, it pays to be certain.

Our Mission

At Tactical Advantage group, It is our mission to serve, protect, and equip our local and regional communities of education to make command decisions during crisis situations.  Making command decisions during a crisis is not easy and if you're not ready for it, the results can be devastating!  Every school leader should be confident operating in the midst of a crisis.  The school leader is who people will look to first.  


With our professionals having the combined experience from

Military Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS, combined with over

20 years of school crisis management experience, we are prepared to provide you and your school with the tools and confidence necessary to take action at a moments notice. In most cases, school leadership has the initial engagement of any school crisis and if you do not know your own crisis response plan, then you are directly responsible for putting people at risk and jeopardizing the lives of students and staff!


We live in uncertain times and school shootings are on the rise. Therefore, I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence in safeguarding campuses, period.  We understand the training necessity for improved human response.   As seen in recent weeks,  everyone understands that a lack of preparation can have a devastating outcome.  


We will educate and train you on how to minimize the threat and  maximize the safety for every student and staff member on your campus !


Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you ready to lead during a crisis? 


Is your staff prepared to respond and not react?


What is your school's biggest safety vulnerability?  

If you don't know... it's time to find out!

Our Specialties

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Crisis Leadership

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Team Building

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Tactical Site Survey

Our Specialtis

Interactive Training

Threat Assessment

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Trauma Mitigation


Post Crisis Response

Threat Assessment and Mitigation 


Tabletop Exercises


Crisis Response Plans​


Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools

The Difference

The difference between us and other companies is our dynamic problem-solving approach and perspective when looking at neutralizing potential threats.  School safety is no longer just fire and earthquake drills. Traditional LOCKDOWN training is out of date and active shooter response training is being carried out in an overzealous manner in many instances. 


We will bring you cutting edge training from a tactical mindset in order to minimize threats and maximize the safety on your campus!

This method is used by the military and first responders the world over. When utilized for training, you and your team will gain key insights that develop a tactical mindset, improve human performance and minimize error factors. 


Tactical Advantage Group was born out of necessity.  Our team has the operational experience, unlike any other, and we are here to serve you in safeguarding your campus.

Don't be the person that says, "It'll never happen at our school."  

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